Stephen is currently focused on these questions:

1. What does Renaissance Leadership look like in practice? In particular, what does such a framework for leadership look like in and in for-profit
organizations? On education, I am working with a range of people to explore this question – Andy Hargreaves, Pasi Sahlberg and Dennis Shirley in Boston,
David Hopkins in the UK, J-C Couture and Ken Chapman in Canada. See the blog on Renaissance Leadership.

2. How do we find meaning in life and become resilient in the face of challenge, threat and uncertainty? Working with Sarajane Aris (formerlu Derbyshire
Mental Health, UK), I am writing a book focused on this question. It will look at the search for meaning, spirituality, happiness and tough love. It seeks
to connect all of these back to the idea of resilience. The book will appear in mid 2015.

3. What does the future look like – what patterns will shape it and how can we create the momentum for a new renaissance? What is the future of Alberta?
How does Alberta become the place the world needs to see? A big exploration here, stimulated by the work of the Royal Society and the Alberta Premiers
Economic Council. My book,

Rethinking the Future – Six Patterns Shaping a New Renaissance

appeared in 2012 and a new book outlining the practice of strategic foresight will appear in 2015.

4. What is the opportunity for Informed Transformation in Alberta Schools? This is linked to but separate from the first topic here – the practice of
Renaissance Leadership – and connects to my work for the Alberta Teachers’ Association on teachers and and schools as innovators. I am giving keynote
presentations in Singapore, Canada and Australia in 2015 on Future Schools – How to Build Adapative Capacity in School Systems.

5. What is the future of personalized and online learning? My work as Chief Innovation Officer with Contact North | Contact Nord and the Commonwealth of
Learning is stimulating writing and strategically focused work aimed at taking online learning to the next level.

There are many more questions Stephen is interested in – so keep an eye on his columns at Troy Media and his Murgatroyd Blog