Stephen Murgatroyd has a long association with the Innovation Expedition – he is its Chief Scout. Don Simpson, Founder of the Expedition and Chief
Explorer, and Stephen have worked closely together for over two decades. The Innovation Expedition, the home of futureTHINK
Press, is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Collaborative Media Group Inc.

What is the Innovation Expedition?

The Vision:

To help drive dramatic improvements in organizational performance by unleashing innovation.

The Mission:

To serve as a great global connector, identifying and linking influential innovators and potential innovators and mentoring and supporting them in their
efforts to solve complex problems. The Expedition searches the world for innovative ideas, individuals, organizations, projects and processes that can be
used to help organizations become high performing. The intent of these efforts is to help these leaders create high performing organizations and to help
build sustainable prosperity in their communities (more jobs, increased wealth creation and expanded quality of life).

The Expedition serves both as a metaphor and a model for engaging diverse stakeholders to collaborate and innovate.

How it Operates

The Innovation Expedition injects a global perspective and global insights into projects aimed at addressing local, regional, national and international
challenges. It engages leaders from all sectors in deep, disciplined thinking about the changing nature of innovation and the new understanding of the
whole supply chain of innovation. It assists organizations to clarify their roles in this supply chain and to experiment with new approaches for optimizing
their roles to drive dramatic improvements in performance.

This has led to a variety of approaches for supporting innovations in strategy, structure, support systems, skill development and shared values – the Five
S’s. Underlining all these efforts is a desire to stimulate the transformation needed to build a culture of innovation in individual organizations and in

The Expedition honours diversity as a source of organizational strength and is based around the principles of trust, relevance, learning, integrity,
inspiration, high performance, collaboration, diversity, creativity, innovation, passion and fun.

You can find out more about the Innovation Expedition at The Innovation Expedition – Who Are We?

Renaissance Leadership

A key domain of work of the Innovation Expedition is its work on Renaissance Leadership. This is the subject of the book written by Stephen Murgatroyd and
the Innovation Expedition’s Chief Explorer, Don Simpson.

You can find out more about renaissance leadership at