Stephen Murgatroyd is a frequent keynote speaker at events, conferences and symposiums around the world. He has keynoted in Britain, US, Canada, Australia,
Norway, Finland, Sweden, Singapore, Spain, Italy, South Africa, India, Nepal, Costa Rica, Germany and France.

His equipment needs are simple:

· He will be showing a power point slide deck (usually on his own computer – an Apple Mac Book Air – he carries a VGA connector);

· He will sometimes need to be able to access sound during his presentation for video and audio;

· He will need to be able to access the internet during his presentation.

· It would be useful to have access to a flip chart and pens (red, black and blue).

If he is facilitating a workshop, his preference for a room “set up” is for round tables seating 5-7 persons and for a screen to be at the front or to one
side of the room. He will also need to be able to connect his computer to show a power point deck (see above).

This is a usual introduction:

Stephen Murgatroyd has worked in a variety of settings – elementary and high schools, colleges and universities and small and medium sized firms.
During the last forty years he has consulted for governments in several countries, firms in a variety of fields (banking, retail, oil and gas,
utilities, education, waste management, technology) including forty of the Fortune 500 companies and many non-profit organizations. He has published
over thirty books, appeared frequently on radio and television and has written extensively in magazines, journals and newspapers. He has a reputation
for being challenging, funny and insightful – and occasionally, politically incorrect.

Additionally, Stephen usually adds some comments about his career that makes a connection of his work to the audience.

Stephen prefers to make his own travel arrangements, but conference organizers usually make hotel accommodation arrangements. He prefers a non-smoking

Invoicing will occur through his company Murgatroyd Communications & Consulting Inc or through The Collaborative Media Group Inc.