Making a difference to organizations
through challenge, change and innovation

Stephen has been blogging regularly since 2005. Many of his blogs have found their way into newspapers across Canada – including The Edmonton Journal, Vancouver Sun, Montreal Gazette, Toronto Star and other high circulation papers. His columns also appear frequently on Troy Media and the Calgary Beacon. Stephen is a member of the Canadian Association of Journalists.

Making a difference to organizations through challenge, change and innovation – that is the work Stephen Murgatroyd and his colleagues have been engaged in for over thirty years. The goal – improved performance. The process – listening, understanding, challenging, connecting, inspiring and imagineering. The outcome – real change.

Whether the client is a business, a not-for-profit organization, a University or College, a Government agency, an informal or formal network – Stephen has worked with them. As founder and President of PSQ International (1988 – 1998) or Chairman and CEO of Lifeskills International Ltd of the United Kingdom (1998-2002) or President of Murgatroyd Communications & Consulting, Stephen has worked with global corporations such as Oracle, Heinz, Barclays Bank, Wal-Mart, ConocoPhillips, Textron, Bayer and national organizational such as Molson Brewery (Canada), Debenhams (UK), Bank of Montreal (Canada), First Group Rail (UK). He has also worked with networks, such as the International Animal Vaccine Network, EnergyINet, the Energy Futures Network, the Alberta Council of Technologies. He has worked with Governments across Canada (especially the Government of Alberta and the Government of Ontario), cities (most recently the City of Ottawa) and cross Ministerial projects – such as Alberta’s Fibre Road Map.

Steve has recently taken on a new role as CEO of Collaborative Media Group (CMG). A technology focused company focused on providing organizations with creative technology solutions to their performance challenges, by using social media technology, consulting, mentoring, video production facilities. He is also Chief Scout of the Innovation Expedition Inc. – a virtual network of professional consultants, communicators and creative strategists founded some thirty years ago at the Banff Centre.

An acknowledged expert on innovation policy and practice, author of over 40 books and a frequent contributor to radio and news media, Stephen is a skilled communicator and expert facilitator – widely regarded as a humorous, imaginative speaker – having provided over four hundred keynote addresses to conferences in twenty one countries.

So if your organization is “stuck”, challenged or wants to change – then Stephen can help. He will be focused, creative and challenging – which is probably what you need.

See his book Renaissance Leadership – Rethinking and Leading the Future, available as ane-book or as apaperback. Take a look at other imaginative books he has worked on recently at futureTHINK Press – a wholly owned Innovation Expedition Inc. brand.